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John's Story - John was in denial that he had a problem with alcohol

Alcohol Problem

John is in his 30s and found that he was trying to hold on to the lifestyle he had when he was in his teens and early 20s. He was out drinking with his friends every night in the local pub and out clubbing every weekend. Although others could recognise it, John didn't notice that when his friends were ready to go home, he wanted to stay out and drink some more. He was unable to hold down employment due to the amount of sick days he was taking and had had to move back in with his mum, who is also an alcoholic, as he was no longer able to pay the rent on his flat.

It was when John got in trouble with the police and was faced with a prison sentence that be became frightened of his actions when he had a drink, as he could now see the difference in himself.

How Linwood Group helped 

Although John had not been ordered to attend treatment for his alcohol problem by his probation officer, he decided that this was the best action to take. He wasn't convinced that he wanted to be abstinent or that he couldn't control his alcohol intake in time. For the first few weeks John remained very quiet in group, he had little to say and the information he reluctantly did give about himself had to be teased out by the therapist. After around 3 weeks however, John started to feel more confident and started to trust the group process and began opening up. He completed his treatment and left the programme having been sober for 6 weeks.

Life after Linwood

Shortly after leaving treatment, John became complacent and had thoughts that maybe he could just have one drink and stop at that. He tested this theory and found that it wasn't possible for him to do this. He had a relapse that lasted 2 weeks but during this time he made contact with the staff at the Linwood Group and attended aftercare. He was honest about not being sure about whether or not he wanted to stop drinking and the staff worked with him on this. Since this time, John has realised that in order to have the things he wants in life, he must remain sober. John has worked hard to do this and has just completed a work based training course and has been offered a new flat by the council. He is attending after care weekly and is able to offer support to others in the group who are still experiencing ambivalence towards sobriety.




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