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Alcohol Detoxification Programme

We provide residential alcohol detoxification programmes at our new, dedicated, alcohol detoxification centre in South Yorkshire.  The unit has been set up to provide a comfortable and safe environment to detox from alcohol and also to begin the treatment process. 

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Alcohol Dependence

If you are dependent on alcohol you may experience withdrawal symptoms several hours after your last drink. Withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Sweats
  • Craving for alcohol
  • Anxiety

Convulsions (fits) may occur in a small number of cases.  As a result of this you drink alcohol regularly and ‘depend’ on it to prevent these symptoms.

Many people ‘top up’ their drinking to prevent these symptoms occurring this may be known as ‘hair of the dog’. 

If you do not ‘top up’ or re-start drinking these feelings can last 5 – 7 days.  During this time the withdrawal can be very unpleasant and you may have a drink to alleviate these feelings.

Alcohol Detoxification Process

On admission we will prescribe a course of  tablets which will reduce the severity of the withdrawal and safely cover the time until your body adjusts physically to a state free from alcohol. 

The tablets used for detox are normally a reducing regime of chlordiazepoxide (commonly the trade name Librium) and a course of vitamin B1 (thiamine).  This vitamin is vital to help restore and repair the damage alcohol may have caused to your brain and nervous system. 

How you may feel during the first 24 - 48 hours of detoxification

  • You may feel anxious
  • You may have difficulty initially in getting to sleep
  • You may feel clammy or sweaty

The detox process usually takes 7 days and is carried out at our detox unit at Linwood Park in South Yorkshire.

Detox alone is not the treatment for alcohol dependence, but only a start.  You are very strongly advised to enter a period of therapy, where the reasons and triggers for your drinking behaviour will be addressed.  A week’s detox is rarely enough to give you the life you can experience without the daily grind of having to drink.


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Call now on 0800 066 4173 for advice in complete confidentiality or use our online enquiry form. Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile phone or from overseas, call 01226 698 054.


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