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Pete's story - living a life of alcohol addiction

Alcohol Problem

Twenty-eight-year-old Pete Grimes had lived a life of addiction. He was a heavy cannabis user in his teens which soon developed into alcohol addiction.

By 20, he was drinking heavily every night - initially he drank wine and lager but soon moved onto spirits.

He moved from the North to take up a top job as a chef in London - a role which he found lonely and stressful. Indeed, Pete says he met many people within the catering industry who now have alcohol dependence. Pete would always drink after work - mostly on his own - beginning with at least eight cans of lager.

His behaviour became typical of an alcoholic - lies about the amount he was drinking, hiding drink and waking up most mornings to find he had wet the bed.

Pete soon walked out of his job knowing he would lose it anyway. He went back to Cheshire to live with his parents. His drinking became his way of life and he was drinking around the clock and stealing to support his habit.

His behaviour towards his parents veered out of control - he tried to throttle his mother on one occasion and threatened both his parents at knife point. His friends shunned his unpredictable and lecherous behaviour and he never had a long-term relationship. He also thought nothing of driving whilst completely intoxicated.

How Linwood Helped

Pete's mother desperately needed to find help and began an internet search to find treatment for alcoholism. She found Linwood and, after extensive negotiation with Pete, he finally agreed to give it a try for a week.

From the moment he walked in, he knew he was in the right place and began to see that he could lead a life totally without alcohol.

Life after Linwood

Pete left Linwood after a month and went into a halfway house in Nottingham for a further three months, regularly attending AA meetings.

He has now found a flat, is working in a hospital and has a great relationship with his parents. Without Linwood, Pete truly believes he would be dead today.


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