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Peter's story - Peter had been drinking heavily for 15 years.

Alcohol Problem

Peter had been drinking heavily for around 15 years.  He worked in the entertainment industry so alcohol was often freely available.  Peter had many instances over the years that made him think that there was a problem with his drinking and at times he would act on these.  For example he once filled a whisky bottle with cold tea, so that when anyone offered to buy him a drink whilst he was at work, the bar tender would give him a measure from his bottle of cold tea.   However, Peter travelled around the country a lot with his work and found that as soon as he had a plan in place to cut down on his drinking, he would move and have to start all over again.  He knew that he needed to cut down on his drinking, but he felt powerless.

How Linwood helped 

Peter decided to enter treatment as a result of his partner's death.  She had had an eating disorder and although he did everything he could to look after her, he couldn't help thinking that if he had been sober could he have done more and part of him blamed himself.  Peter picked up his last drink on the day of his partner's funeral and entered treatment 1 week later.  When he first came into treatment, Peter was distracted, agitated and looking for anything that he could get hold of and control.  Peter started to write everything down, as though he was taking minutes of his therapy.  Eventually Peter started to find his place within the group and was able to speak openly in his step 1 about all of the things that had led him to treatment.  This was a very emotional time for Peter but he persisted in working through his feelings and left the group sober and with the hope that he had a future.

Life after Linwood

Peter still writes everything down and carries three diaries with him wherever he goes, just so he feels in control and organised.  However, he has started to find his feelings of self worth again, he has been looking into volunteering at a local charity and still keeps in regular contact with others that he met in group.  He is managing his boundaries well and now realises that he doesn't have to be a ‘people pleaser' in order to be liked and appreciated.  Peter has been attending aftercare and also attends 3 other non statutory agencies that he was put in touch with by the Linwood Group staff once his treatment with us had come to an end.


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