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Davids's Story - Out of control drinking lost David his driving licence and job.

Alcohol Problem

David had been drinking half a bottle of vodka and several cans of super strength lager on a daily basis for several years.  He had had periods of trying to remain abstinent, or at least trying to reduce his drinking, over the last few years but due to not asking for help with this has not managed to succeed.  David has recently lost his job due to being caught drink driving and losing his licence, which was essential for him to have as part of his job.  David would also become very violent when he drank alcohol and would often be physically abusive to his partner.

How Linwood helped

David was very nervous when he started the treatment programme and had a very childlike way about him and would giggle a lot.  He was unwilling to address his anger issues or the fact that his drinking was a major problem in his relationship.  His main focus was on the loss of his driving licence and job and he saw this as the main reason he needed to remain sober.  Through the feedback from the therapists and other clients, David slowly started to realise how much his drinking had caused problems in his relationship and that his violent behaviour was not an acceptable way to behave.  Once he realised this for himself, David was able to see other reasons that it was important for him to remain sober.  At first David was reluctant to attend AA but after attending with another Linwood group member he recognised the benefits that going may have for him and became much more open minded.  He had a holiday to America planned and even got himself a list of meetings that he could attend whilst he was away,

Life after Linwood

After treatment, David and his girlfriend were able to go on holiday together and he was able to stay sober.  David did relapse after the holiday and contacted the staff at the Linwood Group for support.  He was invited to attend aftercare and took advantage of the family group and couples therapy that the staff were able to offer in order to meet his specific needs.



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