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Concerned About Someone Else’s Drinking?

You may have noticed that the person is:

  • More concerned with drinking than dealing with important matters
  • Angry if confronted about their drinking
  • Secretive and evasive
  • Increasingly intoxicated or appearing to be under the influence
  • Tired, irritable and looking less well than is normal
  • Less interested in every day things
  • Unable to say no to opportunities to drink
  • An apparent strong desire for alcohol
  • Drinking more and more to get the same effect
  • Appearing to be anxious, depressed or showing symptoms of unusual behaviour

As a family member, close friend or relative you may feel:

  • Frustrated and hurt
  • Unsure how to help
  • Concerned for the person’s safety and well being
  • Worried about what will happen in the future
  • Angry if your help and advice is not accepted
  • Frightened by the person’s behaviour
  • Feel that the person may be beyond help
  • Worried about the effects on the rest of the family/workplace
  • Worried about financial consequences

Alcoholism Treatment at The Linwood Group

As an organisation we are well aware of the devastating effect alcoholism can have on all concerned with the sufferer. We therefore make a commitment to offering family therapy at our treatment centres

We also offer advice and liaison with employers or other agencies involved with the patient. For more information please contact The Linwood Group. All enquiries are handled with complete confidentiality.

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