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Alcoholism in the Workplace

Alcohol misuse is a rapidly growing problem. Alcoholism can and will ultimately deprive people of their livelihoods, their families, their health and if not provided with appropriate help and care, their lives.

Alcoholism is an Illness

Alcoholism is surrounded by myth and judgmental thinking. Alcoholics are considered to be weak and self indulgent, with no self control. The fact is that alcoholism is an illness – both physical and psychological – and no one has a choice about whether or not they become alcoholic.

This illness does not discriminate. Alcoholism affects all stratas of society and crosses all intellectual and economic boundaries.

Alcohol Abuse and Employment

So can alcoholism be a problem in the workplace? It's a common myth that alcoholics very quickly become unemployable. This is not so, approximately 75% of alcoholics are in full time employment.

In economic terms, some estimates have put the cost of lost productivity, absenteeism and workplace accidents due to alcoholism as high as 6 billion pounds a year, in the UK alone. Some studies suggest alcohol may be responsible for 25% of accidents at work.

One of the problems of alcoholism is the effect it can have of those people in close proximity to the alcoholic . After family members, work colleagues will probably be the most affected, very often trying to cover up or protect a manager, colleague or subordinate.

This can very often prolong the difficulties and result in the alcoholic not facing up to his or her problem.

How We Can Help

Linwood Manor offer alcoholism treatment, alcohol detox, family counselling and training for employers and can act as an impartial liasion between individuals and companies to ensure that all parties achieve a positive outcome.

We believe that alcoholics are in the grip of a progressive illness and that once they are aware of this, and know about the choices they can make, they are able to recover and lead a purposeful and useful life, being a part of society rather than being apart from it.

If you think that someone you work with, or indeed a friend or family member has a problem with alcohol, and would like to talk to someone in confidence please contact Linwood Manor.

For Employers

Training for staff together with effective workplace procedures can significantly reduce sickness and accident benefit claims, absenteeism, occupational injuries, grievance and disciplinary actions - and most importantly help affected staff members recover and rebuild their lives.

Linwood Manor offer corporate training for organisations and professionals dealing with alcoholism in the workplace.


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