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Alcoholism Treatment Programme

Alcoholism affects not only physical health, but all aspects of life, impacting on family, friends – in fact all relationships are affected – career, finances, legal, leisure. Rarely is that impact a positive one!

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Sun breaking through cloudsStages of Treatment

The first stage of alcoholism treatment is to remove alcohol from the system. Some people may require detoxification under medical supervision.

Once this is achieved, we can begin to explore the underlying emotions and behaviour, which have perpetuated the use of alcohol.

The second stage is to begin a programme of change. Changing negative behaviour and thought processes to positive ones will result in liberation from the need to use alcohol and possibly other addictions such as:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Gambling
  • Exercise
  • Spending
  • In fact, any activity which can be used to change the mood.

How Can We Change Negative Behaviour?

We can change the negative behaviour associated with alcohol dependence in a number of effective ways. We offer clients an individually-tailored treatment programme using a range of proven therapies including counselling, group therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP).

All of these therapies contribute to a growing self-awareness which will then be followed by emotional and behaviour changes to achieve a balanced way of life.

Will it Work?

There is a very high success rate of long term recovery when a combination of these therapies are used with motivated individuals who are willing to begin to make behavioural and emotional changes on an ongoing basis.

The length of our treatment programme is usually four weeks (including detox) but can be tailored to individual needs on assessment.


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