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Ketamine is a short-acting but powerful general anaesthetic which depresses the nervous system and causes a temporary loss of body sensation. That's why it has been used for operating on humans and animals. It has powerful hallucinogenic qualities (with a distortion of objects and reality).

Slang: Street names for drugs can vary around the country. Green, K, special K, super K, Vitamin K.

The Risks

• Users may be physically incapable of moving while under the influence.
• Ketamine can cause panic attacks, depression, and taken in large doses, can make existing mental health problems worse.
• Because you don't feel any pain when you're on ketamine, you can injure yourself badly and not known you've done it.
• High doses, especially with other depressant drugs like alcohol, can dangerously suppress breathing and heart function and can lead to unconsciousness.
• Ketamine is very dangerous when mixed with ecstasy or amphetamines. It can result in high blood pressure.
• If high enough doses are taken, the anaesthetic effect can result in death, for example due to unconsciousness and inhalation of vomit.
• There have been recent reports in the medical literature of serious bladder and related problems found in ketamine users.



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