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Simon's story - didn't want to admit that he was drinking too much

Alcohol Problem

Simon started as a social drinker in his teens and had not noticed that his levels of drinking were steadily increasing and was unaware, until it was pointed out to him that he was now drinking daily, often from first thing in the morning.

Simon was hoping to move in with his girlfriend but their relationship was suffering as when Simon picked up a drink his personality would change and he would become nasty and very unpleasant to be around.  Simon was also putting off doing things that he had promised to do such as DIY and other chores and was letting his girlfriend and the rest of his family down on a regular basis.  Simon's girlfriend got to a point where she said she would leave him if he didn't stop drinking.

How Linwood Group helped 

Simon entered treatment claiming that he found not drinking quite an easy task.  He was having very few withdrawal symptoms or cravings and became complacent.  Simon relapsed after a few weeks and at this point realised that when he re-entered treatment he would have to do some work on changing his thoughts and behaviours and that recovery was about more than just putting the alcohol down.  It would take hard work.  Simon was able to put in the work and found that his relationship with his girlfriend improved and they started talking again about moving in together and having holidays.  His relationship with his family improved and he started looking for work.  Simon was now enjoying his life and could attribute this to being sober.  Simon was able to complete the treatment programme with no other re-lapse events.

Life after Linwood

Since completing treatment, Simon has started to attend a training course that will improve his chances of gaining long term employment.  He has chosen not to attend AA but has looked again at the first 3 steps and on occasion attends NA.  He has started swimming daily and is looking after his health much better.  He has not yet moved in with his girlfriend but has remained sober for 5 months and is making progress towards achieving this goal.



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