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Chloe's story - Community Alcohol Service helps save Chloe from potentially fatal drink driving

Alcohol Problem

Chloe was in her mid thirties and had a history of dysfunctional and abusive relationships with men.  Her last relationship ended with her partner being sent to prison for attacking her with a knife after they had both been drinking all night.  Chloe was well known on the local party scene and was seen by others to always be having a great time and everyone wanted to spend time drinking with her.  This was until her behaviour became more erratic, she started letting friends and family down and became an embarrassment to be around when she was drinking.  The number of blackout's that Chloe's was experiencing increased and this frightened her.

Chloe had a stressful, target driven, executive job where entertaining clients to gain business was expected of her.  She was very good at her job for the first few years but the cracks began to show when after a night of entertaining clients her colleagues could stop drinking and go home but Chloe wanted to stay out and carry on partying.  Her sick days increased and her performance levels dropped.  Chloe knew she had to resign before she was fired.

How Linwood helped 

Chloe found out about Community Alcohol Service through her Probation Officer after she was arrested on a Drink Driving offence.  She knew at this point that she was putting not only her own life, but the lives of others a risk, as this was not the first time she had got behind the wheel of a car after drinking.  She felt lucky that she had been caught before she had the chance to kill anyone.

It took a few weeks and a few relapses before Chloe realised that in order to stay well she couldn't pick up even one drink.  Her withdrawals were becoming worse each time and she started to believe that if she continued to drink she would eventually end up killing herself.  Once Chloe realised this, the change in her attitude was immediately noticeable.  She was positive, supportive yet challenging to others in the group and demonstrated a real passion to change.

Life after Linwood

Chloe completed the 30 day treatment programme and is still attending the aftercare group.  She has started college and is studying to do a counselling certificate with the hope one day of becoming a counsellor.  She is still taking things one day at a time and has a whole new sober outlook on life.


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