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Rob's story - alcohol dependency was damaging Rob's health

Alcohol Problem

Rob was in his late forties and had been alcohol dependent for 15 years.  He had had several residential treatment episodes in the past and had been hospitalised on several occasions for alcohol related problems, including on one occasion when his heart stopped for several minutes.

Not only was he physically underweight, he was suffering from peripheral neuropathy and appeared vulnerable and quite poorly.  He had lost a well paid job, his marriage had broken down and his children were not enthusiastic about visiting him.

How Linwood Helped

Rob was admitted to treatment at The Linwood Group approximately 9 months ago, where he responded well to the programme.  His weight increased and his sleep pattern returned to normal.  He was under no illusion that he had to stop drinking. 

After an intensive 6 week treatment episode he was discharged and he gave the commitment to attend AA and monthly Aftercare workshops on a regular basis. 

 Life after Linwood

Quite soon after leaving treatment Rob began doing some voluntary work in order to help others suffering from alcoholism and has now been offered and has accepted a full time post in his local Alcohol Advisory Service. 

His life has become enjoyable and rewarding and he is an extremely good role model for others embarking on the treatment journey.   



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