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Janes's story - drink problem took over her life, job, and family. 

Alcohol Problem

Jane is a 41 year old married woman with one daughter who worked as an accountant but as a result of her drinking had been signed off sick and was in danger of losing her job.

She had been drinking problematically for several years but the death of her mother caused her drinking to escalate.  The effect of her gradual dependence on alcohol was having a devastating effect on her family and her work.

Jane found it extremely difficult to admit that she had a problem but at the same time was fearful of the consequences of continuing to drink.  Her life had become totally focussed on obtaining alcohol, drinking alcohol and trying to hide the evidence of her drinking.  Lying to her friends and family had become the norm for her.

How Linwood Helped

In a moment of clarity Jane decided to investigate whether there was any help available for someone in her position. She searched the internet and found The Linwood Group.  She found the courage to call and began to talk to someone who understood her problem. 

After several conversations with Linwood and her family, she agreed to be admitted and over the few weeks of her treatment began to understand that there was a solution to her problem. 

Life after Linwood

After successfully completing a 4 week treatment programme Jane returned home, having made a commitment to attend AA and Aftercare on a regular basis.  She has now returned to work where her employers are being very supportive of her.

Recently her daughter was due to have an operation of which she was very frightened. Jane was able to be there to support her and help her prepare for the operation. She recognises that if she had still been drinking the scenario would have been very different.  This realisation has had a strong impact on her and reinforced the desire to remain abstinent.  Her daughter recovered well and is now expecting a baby. 

The knowledge that Jane will be a sober and fit grandmother has given the whole family a peace of mind they never expected.




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