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Welcome to Linwood Manor

Residential Alcoholism Treatment Centre

Linwood Manor is a private, residential treatment centre located in Lincolnshire, UK, offering help and assistance to people with alcoholism and alcohol abuse problems.

We provide alcoholism treatment and alcohol detox programmes for people experiencing problems with alcohol, in a private, peaceful and supportive environment.

Our Name

Lynwode, Linwood or Linwode? The original treatment centre retains the old English version of the village name associated with the house whereas the village of Linwood uses the more popular phonetically based version of the name. We have adopted the popular version of the name for the group to which Lynwode Manor belongs and you will find us whichever version you adopt.

Looking for Help with Alcohol Problems?

We can help. Call us now on Freephone 0800 066 4173 or use our online enquiry form for free, expert advice in complete confidentiality. Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile phone or from overseas, call 01226 698 054.

An elegant and welcoming Victorian manor house set in 4 acres of mature gardens, Linwood Manor is situated in the heart of the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Read more about Linwood Manor...

Alcohol Detox, Rehab and Recovery

If you feel alcohol has been causing difficulties in your life we can assist you in working towards a positive lifestyle change.

We can also provide counselling to help families come to terms with a family member's alcohol problems. 

Our Approach

We offer clients an escape from outside pressures to allow time for reflection, re-grouping and recovery from alcohol problems. Our approach combines a tranquil and supportive atmosphere with cost-effective, individually-tailored alcoholism treatment programmes.

Latest News

Take a look at our alcohol rehab news articles to see the latest news.

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Call Now for Free, Expert Advice

Call now on 0800 066 4173 for advice in complete confidentiality or use our online enquiry form. Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile phone or from overseas, call 01226 698 054.

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