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Affordable Alcoholic Help - How to find affordable alcoholic help.

Published 14/04/2009

With supermarkets selling booze at rock-bottom prices, alcohol has never been more affordable. But can the same be said for the costs of residential rehab to help problem drinkers?

Many problem drinkers continue to believe that this kind of treatment is a luxury that only mega-rich celebrities can afford.

And those that turn instead to the public sector for help are in for a long wait. According to figures from charity Alcohol Concern, dependent drinkers in some parts of England face delays of a year or more to access any form of structured treatment. As a result, as few as 2 per cent of drinkers in some areas are getting any sort of help to address their alcohol problems.

That means that many problem drinkers are deterred from seeking the professional help they need to get their lives back on track.

But one company that is seeking to challenge the myth that residential rehab is only for the wealthy is Linwood Manor Group. The organisation was founded on the principle that affordable alcohol help needn't involve any compromise in quality. Accordingly, it prices its services at a level that cannot find for less on a like-for-like basis anywhere in England.

"We pride ourselves in offering an excellent treatment service and it makes sense to us to increase the availability of that service to as many people as possible," explains Linwood Group research director Sue Allchurch.

It is a reflection of Linwood's confidence in the effectiveness of its services that it is prepared to refund any difference in costs if someone that comes to it is able to demonstrate that they could have received the same treatment in facilities of the same quality elsewhere in the UK.

In recent months, treatment at Linwood Manor has become even more affordable, she says, as the company has cut its development budget in order to fund treatment cost reductions in response to the recession. "The deteriorating economic climate is putting pressure on everyone. For someone struggling with alcohol, that can mean a sharp escalation in their problem," she says.

In addition, Linwood has identified a financial services provider, Soberloans, that assists people with getting the financing they need to access appropriate services. According to individual circumstances, Soberloans can provide funding from £500 to up to 100 per cent of treatment costs.

Remember: there are options out there. Don't be one of the 33,000 people in the UK who die from alcohol-related incidents or illness each year. An investment in affordable alcohol help may be a small price to pay to get your life back on track. For help and advice, contact Linwood Group on 0800 066 4173.

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