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Rehab - Make the right choice

Published 26/08/2008

Increasing numbers of people in the UK are, quite literally, drinking themselves to death, according to figures released earlier this year by the UK Office of National Statistics.

In fact, the number of alcohol-related fatalities among all adult age groups in Britain more than doubled from 4,144 in 1991 to 8,758 in 2006.

It doesn't have to be this way. Every year, thousands of problem drinkers escape from the misery and despair of alcohol addiction, using the help and assistance of alcohol rehab specialists - but for the ones that don't seek expert help, the outlook is bleak.

Some alcoholics believe they can "fix" themselves, and a few may succeed in abstaining from alcohol for short periods of time under their own efforts. But when they do drink again, they will simply find that their alcohol addiction returns with increasing severity.

And to compound the issue, the devastating effects of alcohol on brain chemistry and psychological processes make it almost impossible for someone addicted to alcohol to think clearly and to make the decisions that will lead to a full recovery without the intervention trained specialists.

Put simply, if the underlying condition of alcoholism isn't tackled through an alcohol detox programme, an intensive regime of counselling and therapy, and continued, lifelong participation in support groups, then self-help efforts are extremely unlikely to produce long-term results.

Like all addictions, alcoholism is a disease characterized by progression - the longer it goes unmanaged, the worse it gets. For many of these ‘self-help' drinkers trying to fix the problem themselves, the best case scenario is a lifelong battle with depression and ill health. The worst case scenario is death.

But you or a loved one can avoid both scenarios and create a brighter, alcohol-free future with the help of professionals trained in helping people to get clean and stay clean. Don't ignore that opportunity - seek help today.

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