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Government Urged: Spend Less on Campaigns, More on Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Published 30/07/2007

The millions spent on alcohol awareness campaigns by the UK government, such as the Know Your Limits campaign are a waste of public funds, according to Sue Allchurch, project director at Lynwode Manor.

"These campaigns target people capable of controlling their drinking, while an alcoholic can leave hospital after a life-threatening bout of pancreatitis or liver failure and still go straight to the off-licence. A few adverts simply won't deter them" says Sue Allchurch, a director of Lynwode Manor, the specialist residential alcoholism recovery centre.

Instead, she says, the Government should be tackling a more pressing problem: the serious shortage of funding and available treatment beds for those battling alcohol dependency.

Alcoholism is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an illness, characterised by the following symptoms of a developing dependence:

  • Craving - a strong need or compulsion to drink
  • Loss of control - the frequent inability to stop drinking once started
  • Tolerance - the need for increasing amounts of alcohol to feel any effect

"There is good news, though. Research shows that alcohol-dependent people who receive treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation centre specifically dedicated to treating their condition, and then continue with a support programme such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can and do recover from this illness." said Sue.

"And treatment may be more accessible than they realise. The perception is often that alcohol rehabilitation centres are only for the super-rich and super-famous," she continued.

But, in fact, Lynwode Manor offers quality treatment that is not only affordable but also flexible to fit around the practicalities of people's lives.

Read more information on alcohol rehabilitation treatment or alcohol detox available at Lynwode Manor.

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