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Alcohol and depression - The ups and downs of drinking

Published 23/03/2010

Understanding the relationship between alcohol and depression

Addicted to alcohol - is my Mum an alcoholic?

Published 09/03/2010

With increasing numbers of parents turning to drink, more and more young people are picking up the pieces.

Alcohol abuse in the elderly - an 'age-old' problem

Published 23/02/2010

For the first time alcohol abuse is becoming a real issue amongst the elderly, what can be done about it?

Intervention and alcohol treatment - how do you know if someone needs intervention?

Published 18/02/2010

What is intervention? Who is involved and what happens next?

Private alcohol centres – how to book into private rehab

Published 26/01/2010

Booking into private rehab can be daunting and sometimes help is needed.

Dependent on alcohol - drink is affecting my work, what do I do?

Published 19/01/2010

Is drink disrupting your professional as well as your personal life?

Alcohol abuse and drinking - does drinking affect your health for good or bad?

Published 27/12/2009

The good, the bad and the ugly of alcohol and its impact on your health.

Drinking too much - safer drinking tips for party goers.

Published 15/12/2009

Whether out and about, or at home this festive season – some top tips for safer drinking.

Stop drinking now - is there a drug to help me stop drinking?

Published 22/11/2009

Long term effective solutions to stop drinking are out there, but do they come in the form of a pill?

Worried about your drinking – 8 ways you can help yourself.

Published 10/11/2009

Give yourself a helping hand with these suggestions from the Linwood Group.

Compare alcohol rehabs - are alcohol rehab centres a success or not?

Published 19/10/2009

Is there a secret to ‘alcohol rehab success’ and can it be measured?

He/She won't agree to alcohol problem treatment - help!

Published 15/10/2009

Although it is the best thing for them, some alcoholics refuse help, what can be done to ensure your loved one gets the help they need?

Fallen off the wagon – is it time to get back on?

Published 25/09/2009

Familiar drinking haunts have been proven to increase the chances of a relapse.

Won't admit there is a drink problem - Is social drinking becoming an issue for women?

Published 10/09/2009

With more and more women opening the wine to relax, social drinking is becoming more of a problem for increasing numbers.

I'll get my drinking under control - how long do you wait before getting alcohol under control?

Published 28/08/2009

Outwardly successful people delay seeking help for alcohol problems according to study.

Cure for Alcohol Problems - is alcohol addiction destroying you and your family?

Published 22/08/2009

Cure for Alcohol Problems - families affected by alcoholism need help to recover too.

Why is he/she drinking so much - Heavy drinking and why people are drinking more

Published 13/08/2009

Many people who drink regularly to ‘up their mood’ or cope with blues are at a greater risk of alcoholism.

Detoxing from alcohol: how does it affect you?

Published 07/08/2009

The right and wrong ways to go about an alcohol detoxification programme.

Residential private rehab - The guide to rehab and what really works.

Published 27/07/2009

What makes one residential private rehab treatment centre more effective than another?

Stop drinking alcohol - I want to stop drinking

Published 22/07/2009

If alcohol is having a detrimental effect on your life, perhaps it's time to answer four important questions.

Excess drinking problems - Do the summer holidays bring more than just a sun tan for teenagers?

Published 15/07/2009

With cheap alcohol and a long summer, teenagers are at increased risk of developing life-threatening drinking habits

Addiction to alcohol - Am I addicted to alcohol?

Published 06/07/2009

Is there a way out of alcohol addiction?

Alcohol difficulties - Are students on the brink of a drug and alcohol epidemic?

Published 29/06/2009

With the increased pressures on today’s young, are alcohol difficulties on the rise?

Costs for residential detox - how much does it really cost?

Published 22/06/2009

It's vital that detox is medically supervised, ideally in a residential setting.

Women binge drinking - are women drinking too much?

Published 15/06/2009

Research shows that with more women binge drinking the alcohol gender gap is narrowing fast.

Cure for alcoholism - could there be a pill for alcoholism?

Published 06/06/2009

Could alcoholism really be cured by a pill or is the only real long term effective solution detox and rehab?

Three questions everyone should ask when choosing an alcoholic residential centre

Published 29/05/2009

Sue Allchurch, research director of the Linwood Group, tackles prospective clients concerns head-on

Alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence – what is the difference?

Published 22/05/2009

It is never too early to get help with an alcohol problem

Alcohol help - 6 ways to help an alcoholic

Published 14/05/2009

Six tips to help you express your concerns to a problem drinker.

Symptoms of Alcoholism - how do you know when enough is enough?

Published 07/05/2009

7 symptoms of alcoholism that can help diagnose an alcohol disorder.

Rehab help – the sooner the better.

Published 27/04/2009

The sooner a person is able to break their pattern of addiction, the greater their chances of long term health.

Alcohol Abuse Help - Recession drives professional classes to drink.

Published 22/04/2009

Five signs that challenging economic conditions are exacerbating an alcohol problem.

Affordable Alcoholic Help - How to find affordable alcoholic help.

Published 14/04/2009

Affordable Alcoholic Help - Residential rehab isn't only for the wealthy.

Alcohol help for Drinking problems - Stop damaging yourself.

Published 06/04/2009

Alcohol help for Drinking problems - Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery

Cocaine drug treatment - How do you help a cocaine addict help themselves?

Published 30/03/2009

You don’t have to wait for an addict to hit rock bottom before they will accept help.

Cocaine addiction rehab centres – depression and addiction go hand in hand.

Published 22/03/2009

Cocaine addiction rehab centres are helping treat depression alongside alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol Dependency Syndrome - One million UK children and counting

Published 15/03/2009

It's time alcohol dependency syndrome and the problems of children with alcoholic parents were addressed

Private detox treatment - The challenge of treating cocaine addiction

Published 05/03/2009

Cocaine is cheaper and more available than ever before - and it's ruining more lives as a result

Drug and Alcohol Rehab - what really works?

Published 28/02/2009

Drug and Alcohol Rehab - Therapeutic staff are at the heart of a rehab clinic's work. Here's what you should expect from them.

Alcohol dependency treatment - Is your drinking just a habit?

Published 20/02/2009

Alcohol dependency treatment - A period of abstinence is a great time to reassess your relationship with alcohol

Alcohol dependency help - weekend binge drinking leads to drink driving

Published 11/02/2009

Alcohol dependency help - Parents that save their drinking for one or two nights a week could be putting their kids in danger.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment - How responsible employers tackle workplace drinking

Published 02/02/2009

Addiction treatment - With alcohol rated as the number one threat to employee wellbeing, no boss can afford to ignore the problem

Alcohol Problems: Survey - Doctors speak out

Published 14/01/2009

Alcohol Problems: A survey of doctors commissioned by Addiction Today has found that the profession struggles to provide useful information to those suffering from alcohol problems

Rehab centre gives guests a reason to be cheerful!

Published 20/12/2008

Linwood Group setting price benchmark for alcohol rehab.

Rehabilitation for alcohol addicts - Nine types of heavy drinker identified - what type of drinker are you?

Published 09/12/2008

Rehabilitation for alcohol addicts - Do any of these types of drinker sound familiar?

Alcohol Treatment Help - Outpatient or residential treatment: what's my best option?

Published 27/11/2008

Alcohol Treatment Help - Five reasons why residential rehab may be the best match for a problem with alcohol.

Rehab and Alcohol Addiction - Inside the addictive personality

Published 10/11/2008

Alcohol Addiction - You can't tackle a drinking problem without examining the emotions that cause it

Problems with Drinking - College drinking games can be the start of lifelong addiction

Published 30/10/2008

Binge drinking and the decent into alcohol dependence can for some be traced right back to Freshers' week

Alcohol Help for addiction - stereotypes about alcohol hurt everyone

Published 20/10/2008

Alcohol addiction is an illness and just because someone doesn't fit society's idea of an alcoholic, it doesn't mean they aren't one.

Drinking Problems - Employers overlook alcoholism at their peril

Published 06/10/2008

About 75% of alcoholics are in full time employment - so what are the signs of a drinking problem employers should look out for?

Alcohol Help - Addiction help to get families on road to recovery

Published 30/09/2008

Linwood Group have identified that families affected by drink or drug addiction undergo 4 stages of recovery.

Alcohol Addiction - Don’t suffer in silence – speak to the experts

Published 17/09/2008

Addiction to alcohol is an illness, just like cancer or diabetes. So why are sufferers so reluctant to seek effective medical help?

Alcohol abuse - how does it affect tolerance?

Published 03/09/2008

Alcohol abuse - if you’ve developed a tolerance for alcohol, you can no longer trust your body’s signals to tell you when you’ve had enough.

Rehab - Make the right choice

Published 26/08/2008

Don’t kid yourself that you can deal with alcohol addiction alone – or you could pay with your life.

Alcohol Detox - I've messed up again and I feel so ashamed

Published 19/08/2008

Alcohol Detox - 10 warning signs that recovery from alcohol dependence might be failing.

Rehab - drinking problem treatment works

Published 08/08/2008

Alcoholism Help Warnings - summmer drinking warning signs

Published 01/08/2008

Summer drinking warning for students

Alcohol abuse - Think before you drink this summer

Published 26/07/2008

Alcohol abuse - Why drinking and hot weather can be a dangerous combination.

Alcohol deaths near 1 million but disease itself is ignored

Published 21/07/2008

Alcohol related illnesses and deaths are on the increase - but what are the government doing about it?

Alcohol recovery - Five things to ask when choosing a rehab clinic

Published 14/07/2008

Choosing an alcohol rehab clinic is a difficult choice – but recovery may depend on you making the right one.

Alcoholic Help - I need help for my alcoholic partner who drinks too much alcohol

Published 07/07/2008

Sometimes, you need to help yourself before you can help a problem drinker.

Problem drinking - 12 questions to find out how much is too much.

Published 24/06/2008

Problem drinking issues? A quiz to help you to establish if your drinking has become a problem.

Drinking problems - should kids be allowed to drink at home?

Published 16/05/2008

Parents have a vital role in helping their children avoid problems with alcohol, through education and example.

Alcohol Help for Father's Day - celebrate or hide away?

Published 11/05/2008

Is an alcohol-fuelled Father’s Day really beneficial for family life?

Alcohol Abuse - I can’t imagine a life without alcohol

Published 09/05/2008

Alcohol is our nation’s socially acceptable drug of choice -- but is a drink really essential in order to have a good time?

Drinking problems - I'm a Mum and I drink

Published 27/04/2008

British mums regularly reward themselves with a drink after a stressful day – a habit that could have devastating long-term effects on family life.

Alcoholism Treatment - I want to stop drinking: what are my options?

Published 24/04/2008

Treatment for alcoholism and what it involves.

Alcoholism Help - Is alcohol costing you more than money?

Published 20/04/2008

Counting alcohol units may cloud the issue when it comes to recognising you have a drinking problem

Drinking problem is affecting my family relationships

Published 16/04/2008

The do’s and don’ts of helping a loved one recognise they have a drinking problem.

Alcohol abuse - when does binge drinking lead to problems?

Published 07/04/2008

You may not think of yourself as a binge drinker, but even the occasional episode of excessive consumption can lead to serious problems with alcohol.

Help – I think I might be an alcoholic

Published 01/04/2008

Do you recognise these signs and symptoms? If so you might be an alcoholic in need of help.

Cocaine Rehabilitation - Are you Addicted to Cocaine?

Published 18/03/2008

Cocaine addiction can develop very quickly and be extremely difficult to overcome.

The Stages, Symptoms & Effects of Alcoholism

Published 05/03/2008

Admitting to being an alcoholic is still taboo in the UK yet the problem continues to grow at a rapid rate. Sue Allchurch, director of the Linwood Group, the UK's only group of centres that solely treat alcoholism, looks at the stages of this progressive

Alcohol Treatment Help - how can family members help an alcoholic admit they need help?

Published 28/02/2008

Alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on family life. Don’t cover up for a problem drinker – help them tackle their problem in a positive and supportive way.

Drink Problems - What does ‘rock bottom’ mean?

Published 26/02/2008

For many problem drinkers, hitting a profound low point is the first step on the long climb to recovery.

OAPs hit the bottle in retirement

Published 20/02/2008

OAP's and not just young people are feeling the effects of excessive drinking

Valentines – don’t love the booze more than your partner.

Published 14/02/2008

On February 14th, true romantics will choose hearts and flowers over excessive drinking.

Drinking and depression: chicken or egg?

Published 07/02/2008

Do you drink because you’re depressed -- or are you depressed because you drink?

Ten tell-tale signs your drinking is becoming a problem

Published 03/02/2008

More people than ever in the UK are dying of alcohol-related illnesses. The earlier a drinking problem is tackled, the more likely you are to make a full recovery.

The impact on children of having alcoholic parents

Published 27/01/2008

Depression, suicide, eating disorders and addiction problems are all more prevalent in people that grew up in alcoholic households

Drunk behind the wheel

Published 20/01/2008

drink-driving probably indicates a deeper underlying problem in your relationship with alcohol

The ghosts of Christmas past

Published 07/01/2008

Was Christmas 2007 a time of comfort and joy, or were there episodes you would much rather forget?

When Christmas cheer becomes problem drinking

Published 16/12/2007

Christmas is a time of notorious indulgence – but could festive abandon be masking the first signs of alcoholism for some people?

College Binge Drinking Instrumental in Alcohol Dependence

Published 08/10/2007

Many teenagers heading off to college this autumn are leaving home for their first-ever taste of freedom. Inevitably, alcohol will form a major part of their new lifestyle but research has shown the majority of students drink twice recommended weekly unit

Problem Drinking Among White Collar Workers

Published 05/10/2007

Alcohol dependence among the professional classes is more widespread than many employers are prepared to acknowledge...

The Costs of Alcohol Dependence in the Workplace

Published 02/10/2007

Evidence that alcohol dependence is a major workplace issue is mounting - and it's time that employers were aware of it...

Ten Signs of a Drinking Problem at Work

Published 21/09/2007

Every autumn, treatment clinics see a sharp increase in the number of people seeking their help with alcohol abuse problems...

Treatment Options for Drinking Problems

Published 19/09/2007

Government figures suggest that around 27 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women consume alcohol at rates above the recommended number of weekly units for sensible drinking...

Why Binge Drinking can do more Damage than Continuous Drinking

Published 20/08/2007

There's a common misconception that, to be an alcoholic, you must be drinking every single day. After all, goes the thinking, if I can go a week or more without a single drink, then I clearly don't have a drinking problem...

The 7 Tell Tale's that School Holidays are Driving You to Drink

Published 01/08/2007

The long summer break can be a testing time for any parent of school-aged children. But for some mums, the school holidays can be the time when problem drinking spirals into dependent drinking...

Government Urged: Spend Less on Campaigns, More on Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Published 30/07/2007

The millions spent on alcohol awareness campaigns by the UK government, such as the Know Your Limits campaign are a waste of public funds, according to Sue Allchurch, project director at Linwood Manor...

Drinking Problems Means Practice Nurses on the Frontline

Published 18/07/2007

Practice nurses working in Britain's GP surgeries need to turn detective in the fight against drinking problems and alcoholism...

Treatment Centre Says No To Celebrities

Published 23/04/2007

No celebrity would be taken seriously these days without a spell in rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. Whatever the problem - from drug addiction to anger management - time spent in treatment seems to add to the glamour of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. A

News Articles

Alcoholic, homeless and broke - until rehab saved me

Published 27/05/2008

As reported in Fabulous Magazine (News of the World), city high flyer Karen Fletcher, 41, shares her emotional story of how rehab with the Linwood Group brought her back from the brink.

Coming out as alcohol dependant

Published 14/12/2007

Recovery from alcohol dependency doesn't end with the completion of an alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme. It involves a lifelong commitment to stay sober.

Dealing with parents who are alcohol dependant

Published 14/12/2007

It's a sad and frightening statistic: at any one time, up to 1.3 million children in the UK are affected by parental alcohol problems.

Denial and how to spot if you are in it

Published 14/12/2007

The UK is a nation in denial about the effects of alcohol problems on our overall health and well-being. In a late 2006 survey of 4,640 Britons about their health and welfare concerns, only 12 per cent of adults questioned worried about the effect of drin

Does my child have a drinking problem?

Published 14/12/2007

It is one of the nightmares of modern parenthood: is my child at risk of developing a drinking problem?

Beating winter blues without alcohol

Published 14/12/2007

It's not just at Christmas that sales of alcohol soar. In fact, they tend to build steadily throughout the autumn and winter months to reach a peak in December.


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