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The 7 Tell Tale's that School Holidays are Driving You to Drink

Published 01/08/2007

The long summer break can be a testing time for any parent of school-aged children. But for some mums, the school holidays can be the time when problem drinking spirals into dependent drinking.

After all, the days when kids could happily disappear off with their friends for hours without parents worrying are long gone. In this modern age of increased vigilance, women find themselves having to constantly monitor their children and provide them with activities and entertainment.

The pressure that creates leads many women to relieve their stress through drinking. With more women entering rehab than ever before, what are the seven tell-tale signs that this has become a drinking problem?

  1. Your evening glass of wine once the kids are in bed becomes a bottle of wine a night
  2. You put the kids to bed earlier, to allow your drinking to start earlier
  3. You take alcohol with you on family trips disguised as a soft drink
  4. You hide drink in the kitchen or other places for a crafty swig when no-one is looking
  5. You regularly seek out other mothers you know enjoy a daytime drink, encouraging your kids to play with theirs
  6. You take your children to places where you know you'll have access to alcohol (for example, the bowling alley)
  7. You maintain these habits once the kids go back to school

Commenting on this problem director of the Linwood Manor Group, Sue Allchurch said:

"Women will often realise they are drinking too much and go to their doctor for help. However, problem drinkers are not always completely honest about the amount they drink and could end up with inappropriate medication such as anti-depressants."

There is help for people who are ready to ask for it, including affordable residential treatment for holiday drinking problems, she says.

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