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Press Release: College Binge Drinking Instrumental in Alcohol Dependence

Published: 08/10/2007

Many teenagers heading off to college this autumn are leaving home for their first-ever taste of freedom. Inevitably, alcohol will form a major part of their new lifestyle but research has shown the majority of students drink twice recommended weekly units...

Problem Drinking Among White Collar Workers

Published: 05/10/2007

Alcohol dependence among the professional classes is more widespread than many employers are prepared to acknowledge...

The Costs of Alcohol Dependence in the Workplace

Published: 02/10/2007

Evidence that alcohol dependence is a major workplace issue is mounting - and it's time that employers were aware of it...

Ten Signs of a Drinking Problem at Work

Published: 21/09/2007

Every autumn, treatment clinics see a sharp increase in the number of people seeking their help with alcohol abuse problems...

Treatment Options for Drinking Problems

Published: 19/09/2007

Government figures suggest that around 27 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women consume alcohol at rates above the recommended number of weekly units for sensible drinking...

Why Binge Drinking can do more Damage than Continuous Drinking

Published: 20/08/2007

There's a common misconception that, to be an alcoholic, you must be drinking every single day. After all, goes the thinking, if I can go a week or more without a single drink, then I clearly don't have a drinking problem...

The 7 Tell Tale's that School Holidays are Driving You to Drink

Published: 01/08/2007

The long summer break can be a testing time for any parent of school-aged children. But for some mums, the school holidays can be the time when problem drinking spirals into dependent drinking...

Government Urged: Spend Less on Campaigns, More on Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Published: 30/07/2007

The millions spent on alcohol awareness campaigns by the UK government, such as the Know Your Limits campaign are a waste of public funds, according to Sue Allchurch, project director at Lynwode Manor...

Drinking Problems Means Practice Nurses on the Frontline

Published: 18/07/2007

Practice nurses working in Britain's GP surgeries need to turn detective in the fight against drinking problems and alcoholism...

Treatment Centre Says No To Celebrities

Published: 23/04/2007

No celebrity would be taken seriously these days without a spell in rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. Whatever the problem - from drug addiction to anger management - time spent in treatment seems to add to the glamour of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Amy Winehouse recently had chart success singing about not going and there's a TV sit com about a treatment centre being aired at the moment...

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