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Alcoholism Treatment, Info & Advice

Approximately one in ten of the population of the UK suffers from alcoholism:

  • Craving, a strong need or compulsion to drink
  • Loss of control, the frequent inability to stop drinking once started
  • Tolerance, the need for increasing amounts of alcohol to feel any effect
  • Psychological compulsion to drink, an inability to control the desire to drink even though a decision may have been made to stop drinking.

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Lynwode Manor is a private, residential alcoholism treatment centre offering a proven alcoholism treatment programme in a supportive and friendly environment.

If you are concerned about your alcohol use, or concerned about a friend or family member, we can help.

  • All enquiries handled in complete confidentiality
  • Expert, no-obligation advice
  • Affordable, private treatment in a supportive, relaxing environment
  • Individually-tailored treatment programme for each client

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Concerned about a Family Member or Friend?

The families and friends of alcoholics are often in as much need of help as the alcoholic themselves. The effects of alcohol abuse on spouses, partners, children and friends can be devastating.

You may have noticed that the person is:

  • More concerned with drinking than dealing with important matters
  • Angry if confronted about their drinking
  • Secretive and evasive
  • Increasingly intoxicated or appearing to be under the influence
  • Tired, irritable and looking less well than is normal

You may feel:

  • Frustrated and hurt
  • Unsure how to help
  • Concerned for the person’s safety and well being
  • Worried about what will happen in the future
  • Frightened by the person’s behaviour
  • Feel that the person may be beyond help

We offer a full range of support for families and other affected parties, including family counselling sessions and advice and liaison with employers or other agencies involved with the patient.

If you are worried about a friend or family member's drinking contact Lynwode Manor anytime to for expert, no-obligation advice. Phone 07970 268 829 or email

Will it Work?

There is a very high success rate of long term recovery when a treatment programme is used with individuals who are motivated to make behavioural and emotional changes.

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