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Gambling Addiction

Like all addictions gambling can be a way of escaping from reality. It involves risk, fantasy and excitement and can create an illusion of living life in the 'fast lane'.

The process of the addiction and ensuing denial process can prevent the addicted person from seeing the reality of what is happening to their lives.

The delusion that the next risk will be the one which will put everything right and the imagined sense of certainty about the inevitable outcome all conspire to convince the person that just one more risk has to be taken.

The consequences of this behaviour are usually severe. Not only is financial stability seriously threatened, feelings of remorse, guilt, stress and low self esteem are usually experienced. The security of the family is seriously threatened and loved ones can feel isolated and abandoned.

How We Can Help

As with the other addictions, behaviour changes need to take place in order to develop new coping strategies. We can do this in a number of ways:

  • Address the underlying issues that may be causing damage
  • Explore problem or negative behaviours in order to make the changes required
  • Facilitate changes in lifestyle to promote self esteem and confidence
  • Promote new strategies for dealing with stress and anger

Treatment of this kind can be highly effective and with ongoing support it is possible to break the negative and sometimes devastating effect that gambling can have on peoples lives.

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