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About Linwood Park

Alcohol Detox Centre

Linwood ManorLinwood Park is our new, dedicated, alcohol detox centre in South Yorkshire.  The unit has been set up to provide a comfortable and safe environment to detox from alcohol and also to begin the treatment process. 

We have a highly competent and dedicated medical staff that together with experienced therapists will ensure that your stay will be a positive and motivating experience.


The Detox Process

The alcohol detox process usually takes 7 days, during which time you will be seen regularly by our Medical Consultant, whilst embarking on the therapeutic aspect of our programme. 

At the end of detox you can then choose to remain at Linwood Park or transfer to Linwood Manor to continue your treatment. (Our staff can transfer you to Linwood Manor at no extra cost). 


The length of our treatment programme is usually four weeks (including detox) but can be tailored to individual needs on assessment.


Call Now for Free, Expert Advice

Call now on 0800 066 4173 for advice in complete confidentiality or use our online enquiry form. Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile phone or from overseas, call 01226 698 054.

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